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There is a pile of parenting books sitting right in front of me. Unfortunately.

Even with the slew of advice, theories, and methodologies I struggle.  I carry my own inherent biases and I cringe listening to judgemental parenting conversations.  Frequently, I feel as though mothers are pitted against one another.  For me being a mother is living the paradox of giver of life, nurturer, provider, and woman. There is continual debate surrounding our sex regarding purpose; who we can and should be and our “natural” role.

I’ve put the books aside.  My insight and perspective come from my childhood examples.  No matter what I say, where I chauffeur them, how many extra coaching and tutoring sessions I provide, my children will be a reflection of me first, then the people and environments I choose to surround them with.

When I tell my daughter every morning (as she rolls her eyes), you will crush every dream. I know where she finds her will and her passion – it will happen, especially if I show her how. I am the base standard, it’s not in any book.  Showing up for ourselves, setting a personal moral compass, and living our values is the foundation of great parenting.

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There are a pile of books about parenting sitting right in front of me. Unfortunately. Even