It’s a great, big world!

Extended learning allows children to explore the world around them and understand its intricacies in their own way. Our extended learning programs are created to engage and nurture the natural curiosity that children have while encouraging the development of their  mind and body.

preschool licensed 5 kids standing

Extended Learning programs at Academics Prekindergarten

The Extended Learning programs offered are:

  • Social Studies
  • Second Language
  • Music
  • Toastmasters
  • Yoga
  • Chess

Social Studies: This subject provides the foundation for your child to develop attitudes, skills, and knowledge that will allow him or her to become an engaged and responsible citizen. Social studies will introduce our students to the study of geography, history, and culture.

Second Language: In order for children to truly learn a second language, they require daily exposure to it through play experiences. Visual arts, dance, and drama combine to teach our students the foundations of the second language. The language taught varies by school location.

Music: Music stimulates the parts of the brain related to reading, math, and emotional development. We teach using an Orff-inspired program, which introduces our students to classical music, melody, rhythm, and pitch while they learn music by ear.

Toastmasters: Toastmasters provides our students with opportunities to practice their public speaking skills, establish polite and socially acceptable etiquette, and understand the importance of being a member of a community that respects the opinions and ideas of others.

Yoga: Yoga helps improve your child’s focus, concentration, and memory. A play-based approach to yoga at Academics encourages our students to engage the body and mind through yoga postures and stories, breathing exercises, and meditation. 

Chess: Chess helps improve self-control, develop self-esteem, promotes situational awareness, analysis, and builds strategic & planning skills, and improves concentration. It builds socio-emotional development through learning about competition outcomes as well as learning how to read others.  Our PreK 2 and PreK 3 students learn to play chess and it is integrated into the daily routine during math and stem periods.