Accepting applications for all ages : infants to 12 years old

Realize Potential • Inspire Success

We provide parents with a balanced educational alternative to conventional childcare.

We offer an innovative curriculum-based program for children between the age of 10 months to 5 that focuses on promoting the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of each child.

Most early learning programs boast opportunities for play and social emotional growth; they lack a cohesive structured learning program that is consistent, built upon scientific research and modeled around internationally acclaimed and accepted teaching tools.

Academics is dedicated to optimizing a childs development during their most formative years.

We provide a unique opportunity to encourage your child’s growth with an education program that follows an evolving, innovative yearly curriculum. We offer a comprehensive and disciplined approach towards learning for your child; providing them a headstart in elementary school.

Academics is unique in the industry with advanced programming options in specialized sports and the arts as well as the integration of educational technology, international baccalaureate concepts, and internationally proven methodologies. Our curriculum is designed to prepare children for elementary school and instill a love of learning and study. Our goal is to create a family hub focused on multiple learning experiences in one location.

Our Curriculum Is Internationally Recognized And Prepares Children For Success In Our Dynamic Ever-changing World.

Canadian locations opening soon in Metrotown - Vancouver BC, North Shore, Burnaby & Richmond. 

See our US Locations in Texas, and Florida.

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