Independence and Preparation

PreK 3 Program

Our PreK 3 program prepares your child for Kindergarten readiness. 

This age group is building independence, their nap routine is diminished as they prepare for a full day of Kindergarten. They are building self discipline and self regulation skills to express and manage their emotions. These children are developing their vocabulary and complex sentences and communication. This is the program most of our students learn to read 3 to 4 letter words, and complete simple addition and subtraction exercises. We encourage our students to write their names, addresses, phone numbers and understand their unique and special place in the world. 

Throughout the day our students experience Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social studies, as well as Yoga, ToastMasters, French and Music. 

Students are divided by the year they are born. This allows our teachers to focus on every child’s individual needs. As our students grow with our program, we incorporate technology into their learning, from computers to SMARTBoards, our students are exposed to state-of-the-art technology to better prepare them for their Educational Career. 

Our Curriculum incorporates researched based teaching methodologies that are fun and exciting for all our students.

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