Academics EDGE provides unparalleled learning for your child's most formative years.

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Structured learning through investigation, experience and purposeful play.
Our unique Academics EDGE learning model prepares your child for more than just Kindergarten. We created Academics EDGE in partnership with Early Childcare Education Experts and Industry leaders from around the world to ensure Academics PreKindergarten remains a key part of healthy and successful child and family development. Our ongoing Core Curriculum, Extended Learning, and Physical Education and Well-Being programming can also be supplemented with Elective Programs that teach Outdoor Ed, Piano, Karate and more!
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A leading early childhood education program.

Academics EDGE is a unique education model which encourages ongoing learning. Our goal is to spark your child’s curiosity, creativity, intellect and expand their abilities to lay the foundation for a lifelong learning mindset.

ECE Careers

Academics EDGE and you.

Our exceptional education model merges a nurturing environment with a challenging academic setting. We emphasize both play and academics in a way that is specifically designed to support the development of your child. It combines a vibrant, supportive learning environment with a challenging academic setting. We communicate with parents and families daily and continuously work with you to understand your child’s needs and help them thrive.


Core Curriculum

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Academics Prekindergarten provides growth opportunities for the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development of your child. Our curriculum, training, program and facilities, provide the most enriched learning environment for your child by incorporating innovative and proven early childhood education methodologies.

The curriculum includes Math, Reading, Writing and Science.

Core curriculums:

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Science


Extended Learning

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Chess, Outdoor Free Play, Story Time Yoga, and other Teacher-directed activities. 

Extended Learning programs:

  • Outdoor Free Play
  • Story Time Yoga
  • Social Studies
  • French
  • Music
  • Coding
  • Toastmasters
  • Chess


Physical Education & Well-Being

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Lifelong physical health and mental well-being are kick started through the development of physical literacy by engaging in and emphasizing the importance of healthy and active living, and connecting with ourselves and others to nurture socio-emotional growth that stimulates lasting practices to promote well-being. 

  • Nutrition, Cooking & Food Science
  • Physical and Motor-Skill Development
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Self-Care


Elective Programs

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Academics PreKindergarten offers programs for families who are interested in specialized arts and sports, such as piano, martial arts and golf. These programs are available during the school day, and offer parents both convenience and quality through private or small group lessons with qualified experienced staff. Elective program offerings vary by term and by school; please contact your specific location for more information.

Elective programs:

  • Piano
  • Karate
  • Golf
  • Creative Dance
  • Mandarin
  • Musical Theatre

Physical Education & Well-Being

Our chef creates weekly menus based on the National Food Guide for children. We are mindful of the various nutritional needs of our students and can cater to restrictive diets. Please discuss your child’s needs with your school. We do our best to accommodate every child’s needs.

Summer Camps Program

Academics Forest camps are an outdoor education program for children aged five to nine. Children are immersed in activities that involve the mind, body, and spirit in the great outdoors.  From exploring the forest floor, building shelters, to learning how to tell time by making sundials.

Participants will work in teams to build trust, friendship, as well as learn new life skills. Summer camps begin July 3 and run weekly until August 31. Contact your local Academics PreKindergarten location for details.

Sample Daily Schedule

7:45 AMOpen Learning
8:30 AMReading
9:00 AMStory Time Yoga
9:20 AMBreakfast & Morning Announcements
10:00 AMOutdoor Free Play / Golf
10:40 AMCircle, Morning Calendar & ToastMinors
11:15 AMFrench
11:30 AMReading & Writing
12:30 PMGroup Story Time
12:45 PMQuiet / Nap Time: Individual One-on-One Teaching
2:00 PMMath / Chess
2:30 PMMusic
3:00 PMSnack
3:30 PMOutdoor Free Play
4:15 PMSocials and Science
4:45 PMTeacher Directed Activities
5:00 PMGroup Reading Time
5:30 PMClosing Time