We Are All Learners

We are dedicated to staying curious and to partner with our students as they explore and learn from the world around them. The culture of inquiry Academics EDGE creates is from a structured, consistent learning program modelled on internationally acclaimed teaching methods using arts, technology, play and project-based learning tools.

Grow and Evolve

Our educational model is ever evolving and our promise is to offer dynamic learning opportunities for your child in an ever-changing world. We don’t underestimate our students and Academics EDGE is designed to nurture the fundamental mindsets for lifelong learning.

We Will Thrive Together.

A child’s brain undergoes an amazing period of development before the age of six. Many factors, including relationships, environment, stimuli and experiences, influence their young minds and create neural connections in their brain that lay foundation for lifelong personal understanding. Our Team understands the importance of social, emotional and educational support for our students.

preschool about activities


Nadia Hasan recognized a profound need for a dynamic research-based early childhood education program.  She is a passionate advocate for children and their unlimited capacity to learn. She believes childcare and early education is an agent for positive change for women, families and children.  Nadia strives to provide a program with an unrivalled, internationally recognized curriculum.