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baby daycare

Baby Programs

Our Baby Program is for infants and toddlers ages 10 months to 2 years and introduces our students to a world of wonder and possibilities.

Children learn through their five senses. With our baby daycare programs, they need to touch, smell, taste, and manipulate objects to understand them. Our baby childcare curriculum allows our students to experience the world around them, while our teachers help your child build their knowledge and vocabulary.

We focus on giving them the tools to communicate by incorporating sign language and emphasizing certain words throughout their day. At this stage in our baby daycare program, we focus on their hand-eye coordination by using a variety of activities such as arts and crafts, sensory activities, and hands-on learning.

Importance of Baby Learning

Babies are born to learn. Their brains grow rapidly during the first year of life and the stimulation that a baby receives during these first 12 months can influence their behaviour and how they read and learn throughout their life.

This makes it a critical time for learning, but also requires ‘secure attachments’ to reach their full potential. We understand in our baby daycare programs that they must provide more than just learning opportunities and take the time to build trust with the child. This includes being hugged, cuddled, fed and diaper changed before they can even take a step towards learning. 


As adults, we are largely oriented toward visual learning, such as through reading a book or watching something demonstrated. Your baby, however, is making use of all five senses to learn as much as possible, which is why our Academic’s EDGE program addresses each one. In our daycare for babies, all the senses assist to help a baby and young toddler learn more about their environment. 

For example: Touch is an important part of communication before language develops. Thinking and intelligence develop as they begin to recognize sounds. Your baby’s senses are their most important and effective tools for learning about themselves and their new world. 

By engaging and stimulating all five of your baby’s senses, our Baby daycare program sets them on course for development that will aid them in the months and years to come.