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Academics PreKindergarten Royal City

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New Westminster Preschool – Royal City Location

New Westminster has a lot to offer, with its waterside views and neighbourhoods filled with historic character. This former capital of British Columbia is a great place for families and for those with young children. Our New Westminster – Royal City location is ready to serve you. Whether your little one is just starting to walk and talk or almost ready for kindergarten, their preschool time at Academics PreKindergarten will prepare them for the road ahead, mixing fun with learning in a safe, engaging and secure environment.

An Introduction to Learning with enriched Preschool 

Many years of school and learning await your child. Laying the best possible preK foundation will help them get ready for kindergarten and everything that follows. Academics PreKindergarten introduces your child to structured learning environments where they will develop the ability to focus and interact with others through a licensed childcare facility that focuses on learning. 

You may think of PreK in terms of slightly older children, your 10-month-old is learning every day and our Academics EDGE curriculum guides them on using their 5 senses to understand their environment. Our daycare facility offers baby programs through to preK education. A baby’s basics of communication are already developing, so proper words begin to be emphasized for familiarity to strengthen vocabulary. 

Everything around your child is new and fascinating as they learn to interact with people and objects. As your child grows, we focus on their social skills and emotional self-control, with activities in the classroom that help them learn about relationships and getting along with others. Language skills will continue to improve with their vocabulary expanding rapidly, allowing for the creation of more complex sentences and improved ability to express themselves in a conversational manner.

Creating a Love of Learning & Licensed Childcare in New Westminster

Your child is naturally curious and wants to learn. Helping them do so at this age not only provides them with what they want, it encourages a love of learning that can last a lifetime. Learning should be a rewarding experience, not one that involves stress or discomfort. 

Our experienced Early Childhood Educators will use your child’s own interests to keep them engaged so that they will answer questions while asking questions of their own. Working on their own or with others, your child will become an active participant in their own education, through interactions with others, playtime, and more structured learning. As a licensed childcare provider we can tend to all your child’s unique needs and enrich their learning through engaging activities.

The Future Begins Now

Your child is naturally inclined to learn everything they can about the world around them. This curiosity must be encouraged and developed as it will help drive their future academic success. A child that hasn’t developed a solid foundation by the time they reach kindergarten may have some difficulty reaching their full potential. 

At Academics PreKindergarten in New Westminster, we are licensed daycare and provide the highest quality of prekindergarten education available.  We are devoted to preparing your child by developing the necessary skills and lifelong learning mindset to excel today, and in the future.

new westminster daycare erica teacher

Erica Sen ECE | School Director
I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and I have a 1-year-old daughter, Ellie, who keeps me on my toes. I’ve been educating the minds of our little ones since 2010. When I was 18 years old, I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my career. My sister gave me the opportunity to be my nephew’s full-time caregiver. I was so inspired by his development that I decided to enroll in the ECE program at MTI Community College.

What I enjoy most about being around children is their curiosity, the endless conversations, and the excitement. In my spare time I enjoy going for walks with my daughter and Fiancé somewhere near the water, I also like to bake, go shopping and I enjoy reading.

Favorite quote: “Train your mind to see the beauty in everything” — unknown

new west preschool young teacher

Young Park ECE | Front Office Manager
I have been working with children for around 20 years in Korea, Japan and Canada. During that time, I was selected as an Excellent Teacher by the school in Korea and was awarded to be funded by the school to attend the TETC and TESOL Programs in Vancouver.

I completed my Early Childhood Education Course at Vancouver Career College in 2015. I have always had an interest in Early Childhood Education. I realized that teaching, and especially teaching children, was my passion and that I wanted to become an ECE Educator. Because of my love of children and my passion and experience in teaching, I am determined to put my heart and soul into my work to further my career in childhood education.