Our relationship with your family is important.

When you enroll your child, each family has a parent teacher meeting to discuss their child’s specific needs. This will include, but is not limited to, likes and dislikes, eating, sleeping, and toileting habits. This meeting allows our teachers to better prepare for our new students so everyone can better be prepared for their first day at Academics PreKindergarten. It is a chance for families to ask questions and voice their concerns. During this meeting, teachers also go over our gradual entry process and its benefits.

Our gradual entry process is as follows:

  • Day 1:​ 2 hours with one parent/caregiver present at the school
  • Day 2:​ 4 hours with the teacher guiding the parent out of the room when the student has settled
  • Day 3​: 6 hours with a normal parent drop off, teachers will call the parent if necessary
  • Day 4:​ 8 hours and Gradual Entry period is complete

For some children, gradual entry may take a few days, and
for others, it can take longer.

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