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Academics PreKindergarten
Preschool in North Vancouver

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Monday7:30am – 5:30pm
Tuesday7:30am – 5:30pm
Wednesday7:30am – 5:30pm
Thursday7:30am – 5:30pm
Friday7:30am – 5:30pm

About our Prekindergarten programs

Academics PreKindergarten, our preschool in North Vancouver opened in the Fall of 2021. North Vancouver has a lot to offer families. The mountain backdrop and living among the rainforest makes for pleasurable walks and family adventures. Whether your little one is just starting to walk and talk, or almost ready for kindergarten, their time at Academics PreKindergarten will prepare them for the road ahead, mixing fun with learning in a safe, warm, secure environment. Learn about our well established and engaging North Vancouver Preschool and childcare center based on learning.

Where is a preschool near me in North Vancouver?

Academics PreKindergarten North Vancouver offers an innovative curriculum-based program, Academics EDGE, for children between the age of 10 months to 5 years old.

Conveniently located at 163 15th Street E, Academics EDGE is structured learning through investigation, experience and purposeful play, that focuses on promoting the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of each child.

An Introduction to Learning

We can help you lay the best possible foundation to prepare your child for kindergarten and an eagerness for life long learning. PreK introduces your child to structured learning environments where they will develop the ability to focus, follow instructions, and interact with other, develop their vocabulary, and increase their social skills.

Childcare options range from Baby daycare to PreKindergarten programs

While you may think of PreK in terms of slightly older children, your 10-month-old is learning every day and Academics PreK helps them use their 5 senses to understand the world around them. The basics of communication are already developing, words begin to be emphasized for familiarity and surrounding children with familiar faces and routines are valuable in the preschool environment. The world is a fascinating place for babies and toddlers and we are ready to help stimulate their senses and brains to help them learn to interact with people and objects.

We offer fun, engaging & licensed childcare options!

Our program is consistent, built upon scientific research and modelled around internationally acclaimed and accepted teaching tools. Academics PreKindergarten Preschool in North Vancouver, we are devoted to preparing your child for the future by developing the skills they need today in a fun, caring, safe environment. Learn more about our daycare for babies program or preschool program for toddlers.

Changing How Daycare is Delivered in North Vancouver

Give your children the head start they deserve with Academics PreKindergarten.

As a parent, your children are your number one concern. You want your kids to have the opportunities to be everything they can be… and more!

School Uniforms

At our Preschool in North Vancouver, we are pleased to partner with Cambridge Uniforms. Cambridge Uniforms offers online shopping and direct shipping to homes. A sizing kit is available at school.

The Academics PreKindergarten North Vancouver Preschool Online Access Code for the Cambridge Uniform Website is: ICS778

One complete Cambridge uniform package is mandatory for your child. This package will include:

  • One shirt
  • One rain jacket
  • One sweatshirt

All other items will be optional.

Miki Lu | Owner Operator
Hi, my name is Miki, a mother of two little girls. I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a bachelor degree in Economics. I obtained my Early Childhood Education from Sprott Shaw College. I am a very patient person. I like children, and enjoyed every moment being with them and communicating with them.

I feel working with children is the best job in the world. As an early childhood educator, I am committed to working my best for all the children in our school!

Angel Wang | Owner Operator
My name is Angel. I have a two and half year old child. I graduated from Simon Fraser University with a bachelor degree in Business Administration. I obtained my ECE Assistant certificate from Sprott Shaw College. I do believe early childhood education is the most valuable investment for each family, and I commit myself to teaching and taking good care of your children. Working with kids has always been my dream job. For me, the most amazing experience would be watching all the children in our school grow in great happiness!