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PreK 2 Programs

Our PreK 2 program further develops the skills required for Kindergarten readiness; fine motor skills, self help skills, and pre-reading skills. Students move from an environment of 1 teacher to 4 students to 1 teacher to 8 students, providing experiences that build self confidence and independence.

Children in this group are practicing and developing their verbal communication skills from one to two words into three to five word sentences. Students can recognize their name and other simple 2 to 3 letter words and count to 100. They are learning to follow multi-step instructions and developing empathy, compassion, sharing, cooperation and show concern when friends are not feeling well. We encourage them to put words to their feelings to support their self regulations skills and expand their coping toolkit. Students begin to learn, understand and develop personal hygiene skills; toileting and dressing. 

Throughout the day our students experience Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social studies, as well as Yoga, ToastMasters, French and Music. 

Students are divided by the year they are born. This allows our teachers to focus on every child’s individual needs. As our students grow with our program, we incorporate technology into their learning, from computers to SMARTBoards, our students are exposed to state-of-the-art technology to better prepare them for their Educational Career. 

Our Curriculum incorporates researched based teaching methodologies that are fun and exciting for all our students.

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