Early Education is Fundamental

My 3 reasons why Early Education is necessary:

1. You are born with almost all the brain cells you will ever have, with very few connections between them.

2. The process of building brain architecture (connections or synapses) is dramatically influenced by experiences.

3. Language and vocabulary development is not hardwired, it requires a language environment.

There is no basis for the idea that early educational experiences have no real long term value; research says otherwise.

For parents who fear what happens when my child is not adequately challenged in primary school; after years of experience in a preK…

Simply, education is not about fitting in, it is about developing into the best version of yourself, having the ability to see possibilities – to allow our children to be among those that can change our world for the better.  Knowledge is power; it is confidence and there can never be an acceptable reason to deny anyone of it.

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