My #TedxVancouver Takeaway

For me personally, the most fascinating information shared at TedxVancouver was by Laura Boyd, Canada Research Chair in Neurobiology and Motor Learning.  What she said not only made clear the potential for everyone’s learning and recovery but offered so much optimism.  Hope for parents of children with learning disabilities; people I meet each day who are concerned about how their child may be limited in development.  Her research makes clear that there are no limits, the brain changes with every experience, it can change chemically and structurally; with repetition and the ability to focus on what learning tools are most effective for each individual brain.  

The theme for this Tedx was Identity.  What Laura Boyd shared tied so clearly in my mind to inclusivity and the belief in the potential and as John Herdman, Head Coach of the Canadian Senior Women’s National Soccer Team put at the end of the night “the right to have glory every single day”.  We all have the right to glory and there was not one dry eye in Rogers Center when Matthew Williams, Special Olympian shared his experience and asked that we all see him as an equal and respect his right to achieve success.  Being a day after the Paris attacks, it seemed so clear to me that the action item to a better, safer, greater world has to be centered around committing to just this.


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