I can’t think of anything more meaningful to a parenting ethic than creating a simple connecting routine.  It can be as little as 30 minutes of focused time with your child once a day, just before bed, or during my favourite time, before the day starts at breakfast.  

Studies show it is quality over quantity of time. As a working mother, I find I have to remind myself, and my working mother peers that quality is also what we can control. Effort with clear intention, drive success at work, relationships, personal goals and in parenting.

A chatty 30 minutes may turn into a couple hours.  Some evenings, it’s shared silence. I don’t know of anything more confidence building, soul expanding than someone who shows me they love me, care, by simply being there, dedicating time to connecting.  Time can’t be bought and there are no gadgets that allow us to rewind. Regardless, I believe a moment re-lived will never be equal to what’s already past.

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