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90%-95% of brain growth happens in the first 5 years of life. We are born with all the neural cells we will ever need, they are mostly unconnected to the different parts of the brain; until healthy interactions with the world connect them.

Our Curriculum is unparallelled in its ability to optimize a child's development during their formative years.

Academics curriculum utilizes internationally recognized research, tools and methods.

Academics preKindergarten offers the only internationally recognized curriculum in the early years. We incorporate aspects of leading, researched teaching philosophies and methods from around the world with teaching resources and standards set for formal education to provide the best curriculum for your child.

Learning at Academics is not accidental. Learning experiences are designed with the understanding that children are naturally curious and will want to touch and explore – to play. These play experiences are purposeful at Academics, with a Prescribed Learning Outcome. Playing and learning at Academics preKindergarten is always intentional.

Through Aggregate, we provide the best opportunities for the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development of your child. Our curriculum, educational content, and internal training program evolve to incorporate the most up-to-date proven early childhood education methodologies so that we may offer the most enriching learning experience for your child.

We offer a curriculum that is standardized.  Learning and teaching is not left to chance, but held to the highest international standards.


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