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Academics Education Program

We Provide Parents With A Balanced Educational Alternative To Conventional Childcare.

We offer an innovative curriculum-based program for children between the age of 10 months to 5 that focuses on promoting the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of each child.

Most early learning programs boast opportunities for play and social emotional growth; they lack a cohesive structured learning program that is consistent, built upon scientific research and modeled around internationally acclaimed and accepted teaching tools.

Academics Is Dedicated To Optimizing A Childs Development During Their Most Formative Years.

A child's brain undergoes an amazing period of development before the age of 6. The development of the brain is influenced by many factor's including relationships, environment, stimuli and experiences. Our program is focused on providing the best social, emotional and cognitive support to our students.

Our Curriculum Is Internationally Recognized And Prepares Children For Success In Our Dynamic Ever-changing World.

Education is changing and for all types of educators and schools, curriculum will not be the only differentiator, but how well learning, tools and experiences are coordinated and realized.

Getting Ready for School Begins In The Early Years.

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